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Bottle Brothers

Portrait de Benjamin Luzuy

New to Verbier this winter, Bottle Brothers is a welcome addition to Verbier’s world famous restaurants and bars. Co-founder Benjamin Luzuy, tells Verbier Life about the passion behind the brand and how life in Verbier compares to Geneva.

Established in 2013 in Geneva – in the heart of the Eaux-Vives district by co-founders Benjamin Luzuy and Daniel Howald – Bottle Brothers is a cocktail bar featuring contemporary gastronomy. Today it has two brands – Bottle Brothers and Grand Bottle. Now Ben and Daniel continue the growth of their brand in their new Alpine location at the Nevaï Hotel.

VL: How did Daniel and yourself meet and come up with Bottle Brothers?

Daniel was first a customer of my catering service Gourmet Brothers, based in Geneva. After a few dinners, we eventually became friends. One day he came to me and told me he had this commercial space in Eaux-Vives and wanted to partner up and open a wine bar. We ended up with this cool mix of mini burgers and creative cocktails in a packed and lively place. Bottle Brothers was born!

VL: What made you decide to venture to Verbier?

This time, it’s actually more Verbier that chose us by bringing an opportunity we couldn’t refuse. Late November I got a call from a Swedish friend asking me if I would be keen to do a pop-up restaurant at the Nevaï. The morning after I came to check it out and we signed for the whole season, just two weeks before the opening. It was a big challenge but totally worth it!

VL: You’ve spent time in many ski resorts, what do you think makes Verbier different from some of the others?

First, I would say it is the Mecca of extreme skiing. People come from all over the world to challenge themselves on some of the most iconic slopes in Europe and on the great freeriding routes. The quality of the infrastructure, the beauty of the panorama and the social atmosphere make it an unbeatable offer. The party atmosphere is amazing too and all of this is what makes Verbier so international and unique.

VL: Tell us about the team you have at the Bottle Brothers Verbier?

The Verbier Bros team is an interesting human puzzle. We wanted to have some people from our team in Geneva to ensure the same level of quality and also to find some local talents to make sure we could understand and work well with the local microcosm. We ended up with two co-directors, Thibaut from Verbier, Nico from Geneva and the head chef Colin. Behind the bar, you will find Jordan, our head bartender. The rest of the team are talented people from different places, but with the same passion.

 VL: What’s your favourite cocktail and dish on the menu?

It is funny that you ask me this question because even though I love them, I usually don’t drink that many cocktails in my own bar. It’s maybe weird but I try to follow the proverb “Never get high on your own supply”! But, if I let go, I love the Subtil Saint Germain. The mix of Gin, cucumber, elderflower liquor and apple is so fresh that you feel healthier every time you get one.

Foodwise, I would go for the lamb. We cook it for 15 hours at 59 C to be precise and both the texture and taste are just unbelievable. Cocktails and dishes are all custom-made, so my favourite choice is always to let my staff surprise me!

VL: What interests do you have outside of Bottle Brothers – if there’s time?

Time is clearly an issue as I’m passionate about so many things, but luckily my hyperactivity allows me not to sleep too much. I love all kinds of extreme sports, such as skiing and snowboarding of course, but also skydiving, kitesurfing and many others. Traveling and discovering new cultures is also a main goal in life.


VL: Plans for the future?

Our main goal is to take Bottle Brothers to other countries and create a real Bros community around the globe. But, in the short term we want to continue our expansion in Switzerland. We will open in Lausanne this spring and Zurich next fall, if everything goes well. Besides I have many other projects but I’m not allowed to talk about them right now…

Bottle Brothers is open from 4pm to midnight every day. www.bottlebrothers.ch/bottle-verbier