Jo Chandler from Wholeycow suggests some yoga poses to get you ready for a hard day up on the mountain…


Prepare yourself for the slopes with these yoga poses, selected to enhance strength and balance in your legs. We use the wall in these poses to create resistance and enhance stability. You can build up to hold these poses for 1 minute and make sure you repeat on both sides.


  • Chair Pose against wall: Utkatasana

Place legs at a right angle with your feet directly underneath your knees. Press your heels into the ground and reach up through the fingertips as you draw your belly button back to the spine.


  • Warrior 1: Virabhadrasana I

Place a block (or something solid…like a soup tin) between your knee and the wall. Press the front knee against the block at the same time as you engage the back leg by pressing into the inner heel.


  • Warrior 2: Virabhadrasana II

Place your block between the knee and the wall, the front leg is at a right angle. Reach through the back arm as you press your front knee toward the wall. Press into your front heel to feel your glutes switch on.


  • Warrior 3: Virabhadrasana III

Hands and raised leg are at hip level. Keep arms straight, as you firmly push the hands against the wall and press back into the raised heel at the same time. For a challenge, try again without the wall.


  • Horse Pose:

Place turned out feet under knees, and slowly lift your heels. Draw your belly button up and inwards, slightly rounding your lower back.