Over the 12 years running the magazine, we have featured many talented photographers and artists. This winter, we have created an online platform to promote and sell their work to Verbier Life readers. Fine Art Photography graduate, Charlotte Percle, has been collecting the work of local talents including Jane Coe, Rosiland Monks Yves Garneau, Sébastien Albert, Janet Johnson and Melody Sky for the new online gallery.

“As someone who loves art, I really appreciate the talent which lives in the community here,” comments Charlotte. “The idea is to collect some of the local artists’ and photographers’ work on one platform and make it easy for people to see what is available, either for their own chalet or for original gifts. We’re in the early stages of setting up the site, but we hope to add more artists and work over the coming months.”
For the larger purchases, there will the opportunity to contact the artist to discuss the piece, and in some cases for people living locally, the option to see the art before a final decision is made.

For more information on Verbier Life, or for artists and photographers interested in featuring their work on the site, email Charlotte at charlottepercle@gmail.com