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Thanks to an extensive summer lift system, there are endless stunning walking trails for all ages and fitness levels at the mountain paradise. Immerse yourself in all the Val de Bagnes has to offer with the five best hiking trails in Verbier.

1. Sentier des Chamois

The trail from La Chaux to Lac Louvie is an absolute classic in Verbier. The stunning track offers unparalleled views of the Grand Combin massif all the way to Mont Blanc. While it’s technical at times, the traverse to the lake never gets too difficult and the view from the north side of Louvie is one of the best in the valley. It’s also a great trail for wildlife spotting. Starting from La Chaux, follow the signs to Col Termin before dropping down to the stunning lake and charming cabin. Finish the walk in Fionnay, where you can take the bus back to Le Chable.
Distance: 13km
Vertical: 546m+
Time: 5h

2. Lac des Vaux

The popular trail to the beautiful Lac des Vaux is a must-do hike in Verbier. There are a lot of great ways to get to the lake, but one of our favourites is the loop back to Verbier via the lake from Fontanet. This trail offers spectacular views over the famous turquoise lakes. Take a dip if you can brave the alpine temperatures!
Distance: 12.3km
Time: 4h15

3. Cabane Panossière par la Maye

While it’s one of the more challenging hikes on this list, it is easily one of the most satisfying and a chance to experience the high mountains of the Val de Bagnes in all their glory. From Cabane Brunet’s sprawling valley views, trek though grassy meadows to spectacular high alpine landscapes and the 190m-long suspension bridge Passerelle de Corbassière, which spans the Corbassière glacier. Enjoy incredible views of the 4313m Grand Combin and then a piece of cake at the charming Cabane Panossière.
Distance: 13km (return)
Vertical: 796m+
Time: 2h45

4. Pierre Avoir

The famous Pierre Avoir pinnacles overlooking Verbier are a must-see for visitors and locals alike. There are lots of routes leading to the impressive peak, but for those up for a challenge, the trek all the way from Verbier via le Château is a worthwhile endeavour. Take the forest track to St-Christophe and pass the dramatic Chute du Bisse before emerging above the tree line and following the ridge to the Pierre Avoir. Take the lift back down from Savoleyres to complete this breathtaking loop.

Distance: 8km
Vertical: 1014m+
Time: 4h15

5. Bisse du levron

Traversing the entire Verbier bowl, the Bisse du Levron is a classic route for meandering souls. Built around 1460, the Bisse du Levron is an ancient irrigation channel which flows high above Verbier at around 2000 metres above sea level. Largely flat, the ancient waterway winds its way all the way from La Chaux to just below the Pierre Avoi, where it spills over an enormous cliff – the Chute du bisse.

Distance:10km (from La Chaux)
Time: 2h30

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