In these exceptional circumstances, what is the situation in Verbier?

March 20

It’s only been a week since the lifts ran for the last time and Verbier ‘closed’ for the season –  our mountain playground is in a state of emergency. Spring skiing, rosé on balconies, BBQ’s, end of season flings are on hold. Right now, the priority is to stay at home and do our best to help stop COVID-19. Verbier Life continues to make its internet site and social media pages available to anyone wishing to disseminate useful or important information within the Verbier Community at this time.

Not everyone is on Facebook, so we are sharing some useful posts from to share here.  Local doctor at the heart of the battle against COVID-19, Corinne Peimer Cohen,  posted a clear message,  people need to take this situation seriously and to stay at home!  

Update from your doc at Sembrancher :
1) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stay home. We are noticing that there is clearly a cell of infection in Verbier. The only way to stop its spread is for everyone to stay away from each other as much as possible, and for everyone to stay home as much as possible. Young, old, EVERYONE. PLEASE. As the doc who’s gonna take care of you, I’m begging you to respect this! I know it’s hard. Please do it.
2) The OFSP guidelines for how to do self-isolation and self-quarantine have been updated as of today. (1) If you feel sick, (2) if you have confirmed COVID, or (3) if you live with someone who feels sick or has COVID, you need to stay home for 10 days AND at least 48h after symptoms have resolved. “Feels sick” means any flu, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath symptoms! You do not need a fever AND cough to have COVID. I have personally tested several in the past few days who have come back positive with minor symptoms (for example, a little bit of cough but no fever).
3) Once you have read #2, it will bring you back to #1 and you will realize that YOU and YOUR HOUSEHOLD NEED TO STAY HOME
4) We are still only testing those at high risk for falling ill, those who are severely ill, and those who are in health care
5) If you’re wondering if you should call your doctor, get tested, etc, please go to and a personalized survey will guide you through based on the latest guidelines. 

March 14
By now you will all be aware that the Federal Council and the Valais State Council have introduced a series of strict measures in response to the Covid-19 virus outbreak. These measures have unfortunately led to the closure of most of the tourist services, the ski lift system, bars restaurants and shops, except the pharmacies and supermarkets.

The priority has to be applying and maintaining the new regulations, respecting recommendations on distances and hygiene to protect our more vulnerable fellow community members. But this is going to be an extremely challenging time for all of our local businesses. Verbier Life will try to continue online with articles to offer some information and articles with ideas of activities, recipe’s to help and entertain us during this challenging time.

Let’s get creative as a community and see how we can work together to get through this as best we can. Please send us your stories on how this is affecting you directly, or any ideas you have for helping the community at this time.

Please email


UPDATE March 20 

Due to the health situation, Verbier authorities recommend that you stay at home and NOT to come to the Verbier.

People in Verbier are asked to to take part in any activities that involve risk and might lead to injury.

The Swiss government has announced a countrywide ban on gatherings of more than five people in public spaces to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Interior Minister Alain Berset said the ban would come into force at midnight Friday until April 19. People found violating the ban face a fine of CHF100.

The practice of activities that may involve risks is also to be avoided.


Most restaurants are now closing to adhere to the new governmental guidelines.


All shops with the exception of the pharmacies and supermarkets are now closed.