The Alpine Home team tells us why to take a walk to Patier…

When you board a 747, most people would like to “turn right and go up the stairs”. Here you are cosseted in luxury and are served some of the best food and wine that the airline has to offer.
On arrival in Verbier, most people probably do turn right at some point and climb up towards Medran or indeed venture higher up the resort towards Les Esserts or Sonalon. But what if you were to turn left on entering the resort? By doing so, you would find yourself in the underrated area of Patier. Here, you will enjoy a bright south / south east orientation and some of the best views towards Italy and France that Verbier has to offer.

At this time of year, Patier offers ready access to the Verbier Festival, Show Jumping and the Sports Centre (currently under renovation). Year round, this quiet and calm corner of Verbier is private, discreet and has more of a village feel than central Verbier, given the prevalence of chalets over apartment buildings. Look a little deeper and you will discover Chalet Potala (CHF 5m) – a 4+ bedroom family chalet, boasting symmetrical balconies from which to enjoy the most of the morning and afternoon sun. At night the chalet comes into its own, looking down on the twinkling lights of Verbier.

Patier-0963You will also find Chalet Vermont (CHF 5.25m) – a stunning family chalet on 3 levels. The master bedroom comes with a private terrace and sunken hot tub from which to soak up the surrounding mountain panorama. Finally, you might spot the emergence of Patier’s newest chalet – Le Grand Tavé (CHF 8.9m). Currently under construction, this luxury chalet will offer 4 bedrooms on three levels of accommodation, with an underground garage for 3 cars. The upper floors will all benefit from 180 degree views of Le Combin range. For less than Chf 25,000/m2, Patier offers prime views at business class prices – so now there’s every excuse to turn left!

Chalets Potala, Vermont and Le Grand Tavé are for sale through Savills Alpine Homes at 20 Route de la Poste, Verbier. Tel: 027 771 7777, or visit: www.alpinehomesintl.com