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How to get to Verbier

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Switzerland is home to some of the biggest mountain ranges in Europe, which can be an obstacle when travelling around this small country. Fortunately Switzerland also has a world renowned transport network, with its trains, tunnels and well kept roads which are kept clear of snow even in the middle of winter. All of which of plenty of convenient ways to get to Verbier.

From the airport

The majority of visitors get from the airport to Verbier by either train or transfer. Trains run with customary Swiss efficiency and timing, from both Geneva and Zurich airports to Le Chable which is located in the valley below Verbier. For the loan traveller, the train is the most cost-effective way of getting to Verbier. For groups, or for a shared ride, a transfer can be both cheaper and with the added convenience of a drop off into the centre of Verbier.

From December 21, 2019 the new Verbier Express service will be running a direct link between Geneva Airport and Le Châble every Saturday and Sunday. read more ->

Geneva Airport to Verbier transfer

Distance: 158km
Journey time:
varies on size of group

There are several transfer companies which operate a service from Geneva Airport. With a journey time of just 2hrs, this is the quickest way to get from Geneva Airport All Transfers companies are conveniently located in the arrivals section of Geneva Airport all transfer companies listed below will take you and your luggage direct to Verbier in a time of approx 2 hrs.

Best for shared and groups:
Alpine Express
Alpy Bus
Mountain Drop Offs

Best for private
GVA Transfers
Tesla Transfers

Zurich Airport to Verbier transfer

Distance: 283 km
Journey time: 3 hours
Cost: Depends on size of group

Zurich is Switzerland’s main airport, and maybe the best airport to fly to if you are travelling from outside of Europe. Zurich has two arrival gates but all transfer companies listed here will have their driver meet you at whichever gate you land at.

Transfer Companies:
Alpin Bus
Taxi Zurich Airport 

Sion – Verbier’s nearest airport

At just 60km away, Sion is Verbier’s nearest airport and, weather permitting the arrival point for most private jets.

The majority of visitors, however, fly into Geneva. With multiple airlines running regular service all over Europe, including British Airways, SAS, Norwegian, Swiss Air and Easy Jet. Getting from the airport to Verbier is also straightforward, there is a regular train service as well as several taxi transfer companies.

Swiss air will be flying from London Heathrow to Sion from 8 Feb 2020

The other option especially for, visitors outside of Europe is to fly into Zurich. Located in the opposite corner of Switzerland to Geneva and separated by some impressive mountain ranges the transfer time is longer than that from Geneva. A new tunnel has made the train ride much quicker and more direct. Cars however still have to take to longways around.

There are no specific transfer companies from Sion yet, although this may change with the new scheduled flights. Taxis are available for either a short ride to Sion airport or all the way up to Verbier, or if you really want to arrive in style and get the maximum about of time on the slopes you could book a helicopter transfer!

Getting there by Train

The Verbier train station is located in Le Chable in the valley below Verbier. The newly developed station feeds straight into the Verbier ski lift network with just a short 8min telecabin up to Verbier itself and is included in your train ticket. The lift runs from 08:00 to 19:30 during the winter season, if you arrive after that, there is a bus service (also included in the train ticket) up to Verbier.

Getting to Verbier by train

Geneva Airport to Verbier train

Journey time: Approx 2h 59 min
2 Changes: Geneva Airport > Martigny > Le Châble
Cost: CHF 57.20 one-way, CHF 104.40 return

From Geneva Airport train station take the IR90 direction Brig, changing at Martigny to the local train to Le Châble.

The journey take you around the beautiful Lac Leman before heading heading up the Rhone valley, before changing at Martigny and heading into the mountains to Le Châble.

Zurich Airport to Verbier train

Journey time: Approx 3h 30 min
2 Changes: Geneva Airport > Visp > Martigny > Le Châble
Cost: CHF 75.00 one-way, CHF 150.00 return

From Zurich Airport train station take the IC8 from platform 3 to Brig. Change at Brig to the IR90 direction Geneva and change again at Martigny. Finally, take the local train up to Le Châble.

Verbier helicopter transfers

If you really want to arrive in style and get maximum time on the pistes there is always a helicopter transfer. Flight times from all the airports list above are negligible when compared to other forms of transport, in fact the pilots normally take a scenic route to make the most of the spectacular views. Helicopters land in Le Châble and from there a driver is arranged to take you up to Verbier.

  • Geneva – Verbier: 30 mins
  • Sion – Verbier: 8 mins
  • Zermatt – Verbier: 18 mins

Helicopter transfer companies
Adrenaline Heliski
Verbier Helicopters

Driving to Verbier

Whether driving your own or renting from the airport, having your own car in Verbier gives you more freedom once in resort and saves on carrying luggage from between trains. However there are a few things you should be aware of.

Hiring a car at Geneva Airport

Geneva Airport has both a Swiss and a French side. So if you are planning to hire a car, make sure you go through a recognised car rental agent on the Swiss side so that you car has all the necessary requirements for driving on Swiss roads

Swiss Vignettes

Although there are no tolls on the motorways in Switzerland, you are required to buy a vignette for you vehicle. this is a small sticker which is stuck to your windscreen and are available at motorway border crossings, petrol stations, post offices.

Snow-tires and snow-chains

Swiss cars are required by law to have snow tires during winter months, and if you rent a car from the airport they will come fitted between mid-November to May. If you are driving your own car, you should bring have snow chains and its a good idea to practice fitting them before you have to do it in the snow.

Parking in Verbier

Most accommodation comes with its own parking spaces. There are several long term parking options in Verbier or you can leave you car for free down in Le Châble. Find a parking space in the centre of Verbier, especially during the busy periods isn’t that easy, so best to walk or just on a free bus.

Verbier Petrol Station

Fuel in Switzerland is one of the few things, that you will discover is relatively inexpensive, in fact, if are driving back to France or Italy you should probably fill up with petrol before you leave!

Verbier has two petrol station, both at the entrance to the town. Or there are more down in le Châble in the valley.

Getting to Verbier from Zermatt

Although only 60km as the crow flies, there are some sizable mountains in the way meaning you have to take the long way round.

By train the journey is le Châble > Martigny > Visp > Zermatt 

The journey time is just under 3 hours but the views are breathtaking! By car the journey time is just under 2 hrs to Täsch just out side of Zermatt, from where you have to park and take the train into the traffic-free resort.

Getting to Verbier from Chamonix

Verbier to Chamonix involves crossing the French/Swiss border before driving over the Col de Forclaz. During the winter this mountain pass can often be closed due to too much snow, so make sure you bring snow chains if you don’t have snow tires and be sure to check the forecast for both Verbier and Chamonix.

Another option which will get you there whatever the weather is to take the train from Martigny. It takes a longer route and is a little bit slower than driving at 1hr 30min, but again, the views are spectacular!

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